Serbian road workers go on strike

All 26 road construction companies in Serbia went on a general strike on Wednesday on company grounds.

Source: Tanjug

They will continue the strike until they receive an official response to their demands from the government, said trade union leader Sonja Vukanović.

"We have chosen a more peaceful form of strike until we see the government's conclusions, and based on them the strike leaders will decide on our next steps," Vukanović told Tanjug.

She added that the government made a decision on Tuesday, but it has not been made public yet, noting that a coordination team made up of representatives of the finance and transportation ministries, public company Putevi Srbije, the Employers' Association and the road workers' union has been formed to resolve the situation.

The union claims the state owes road construction companies around RSD 9 billion (EUR 78.6 million).

On Tuesday the government adopted a bill on taking over Putevi Srbije's liabilities to road construction companies and turning them into public debt in the amount of RSD 1.3 billion (EUR 11.3 million).


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