Unemployed man takes shotgun to town administration

The police in Pančevo on Tuesday arrested a man who walked into the town's administration building armed with a shotgun, and demanded to speak with the mayor.

Source: Beta

After a conversation with the security guards, the suspect, identified as D.A, left the building and loaded his rifle.

A few moments later, he was surrounded by "a negotiator and about ten police officers," Beta is reporting.

They managed to convince him to lay down the weapon, and then placed him under arrest.

Nobody was injured in the incident.

The news agency is quoting the town hall security who said that D.A. became unemployed when the Pančevo Brewery shut down and has been unable to find work ever since - and that he wished to "discuss this" with the mayor.

Before entering the building, he approached a man who rents children's electric cars in front of the building, and told him to "remove all the children" from the public space, eyewitnesses told reporters.


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