Danube rising, no danger of flooding for now

The water level in the Danube rose by 37 centimeters this morning at Bezdan, where the river enters our country from Hungary.

Source: B92

The water level was above the regular flood defense mark last night, when it reached 490 centimeters.

The peak of the wave coming from the flooded areas along the river in central Europe will be arriving to Serbia over the next ten days, and is expected to culminate on June 12.

Emergency flood defense procedures will be put into place if the Danube were to rise over the 700 centimeter mark - and this is expected to happen on June 12 and 13, the authorities explained on Thursday.

For now, the MUP Emergency Sector Situations is undertaking preventive measures along the river, but sees no reason to declare a state of emergency.

The situation is similar in Belgrade, where the public utility companies are vigilant, but do not expect that the city will be in danger of flooding.

Elsewhere in Europe along the Danube's basin, however, 16 people died in the floods that hit Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and now Hungary.


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