Serbian mortality rate "among Europe's highest"

Serbia is among the leading countries in Europe by the mortality rate, according to a report on health in Europe for 2012, carried by Beta news agency.

Source: Beta

Serbia is in the group of countries with the highest number of deaths caused by breast, lung and liver cancer, according to this.

The report, prepared by the World Health Organization encompassed 53 countries and almost 900 million people and is published every three years, said the website.

By mortality rate, Serbia ranks 11th of 53 and is below the European average by life expectancy at birth.

After Russia and the former Soviet republics, Serbia ranks sixth by the number of lost years due to illness, disability or early death, from 24 years to 100.

Life expectancy has been prolonged and has increased by five years since 1980, to 76 years in 2010.

Life expectancy for women in Europe has reached 80 years and 72.5 years for men.


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