Popular singer joins B92 campaign

Only 24 hours after 66 babies were born in just one day in Belgrade, popular folk singer Željko Samardžić joined B92’s Battle for Maternity Wards campaign.

Source: B92

Samardžić told B92 that he decided to join the campaign after watching B92 TV.

“After watching B92 and people who wholeheartedly join the campaign, I wished to be a part of it,” he said after signing a donor contract with B92 Fund Board of Directors President Veran Matić.

“A human being is not born to live alone and the feeling when you help someone in trouble should make us happy. At least I am like that and your TV station is giving a great contribution, bearing in mind that it seems to me that you are always the first whenever someone needs help,” the singer noted.

Samardžić came to Matić’s office together with reporters and signed a donor contract according to which he will donate the money from tickets for his March 8 concert for the purchase of five CTG units for Belgrade’s Narodni Front Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic.

He pointed out that he was happy to help because all three of his grandsons had been born at the clinic, adding that he would do his best to take part in the campaign in the future.

The singer added that he wished his parents were alive because they would have been extremely proud of him for his participation in the Battle for Maternity Wards campaign.

Matić and Samardžić discussed their further cooperation and possible donations to B92’s Battle for Babies campaign, that was also launched in Bosnia-Herzegovina last June.

The B92 Fund has announced new battles in the future, not only for maternity wards but for other health institutions as well, including the Battle for Emergency Center campaign.


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