Hidden camera show involving PM deemed "pornographic"

A journalist association has issued a statement condemning a hidden camera show broadcast on Belgrade-based TV Pink, which involved Ivica Dačić.

Source: Beta

The fact that the female presenter who "interviewed" the prime minister during the show dubbed "Mission Impossible" was not wearing any underwear, means that Dačić was "exposed to provocation in an indecent and unacceptable manner," said NUNS.

"We consider this to be a manner of behavior that is not in line with standards of professional journalism, and that could be described as pornography rather than media provocation", the Independent Association of Journalists (NUNS) said on Wednesday.

The statement added that the "Serbian media scene, already ruined to a fair degree", was now being "additionally vulgarized".

The association further noted that the show was broadcast on a television outlet which holds a national frequency license and urged the agency in charge, RRA, to consider the case and appraise whether it should take any action.


Popular singer joins B92 campaign

Only 24 hours after 66 babies were born in just one day in Belgrade, popular folk singer Željko Samardžić joined B92’s Battle for Maternity Wards campaign.

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