B92 files criminal charges against right-wingers

B92 has filed a criminal complaint against members of the Naši (Ours) organization for their calls to lynch their opponents and many other criminal acts.

Izvor: B92

B92 is asking the prosecution to launch proceedings against the association for breach of the law and the Constitution, the publication of a list of persons and organizations accused of cooperating with foreign intelligence services, and calls to "deal with them".

The prosecution is now expected to react after B92 this morning filed the complaint which also accuses Naši of violation of equality, bullying, denial of the right to freedom of expression and association, racial and other discrimination.

"We think this is very dangerous for the exercise of freedom of expression, press freedom and equality of citizens because this is a special invitation to discrimination, and perhaps even discrimination based on different political persuasions," Slobodan Kremenjak of B92's legal team explained.

"We have witnessed the amount of violence that happened here during the last 20 years, and we've seen hate speech and calls for violence and lynching and the effects on physical health, or even in some cases deaths. Your colleague (Slavko) Ćuruvija is an example of this, so I think it's very dangerous," said Dragan Popović from the Center for Practical Politics.

He urged the prosecution to respond faster to threats to media representatives and civil society organizations, because it was otherwise sending a message that such behavior would not be punished.

Popović believes that extremist groups and individuals feel emboldened because they think that they have the support of the current government, and on behalf of the group of non-governmental organizations and individuals gathered at the Human Rights House, he demands from representatives of all parties, especially the ruling party, to distance itself from those groups.

In 2009, the prosecution asked for Naši to be banned, believing that their actions directly violated the Constitution, but the Constitutional Court late last year, to the surprise of many, refused to do so.

B92 learned on Wednesday that the Republic (State) Prosecutor's Office opened the case regarding the organization, and ordered the police to verify its lastest activities.


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