President visits Serbian Museum in Corfu

By visiting the Serbian Museum of Corfu on Sunday, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić rounded off his three-day visit to Greece.

Source: Tanjug

Nikolić presented the museum, known as the Serbian House, a framed map showing the retreat of the Serbian Kingdom's Army across the Albanian mountain ranges to the Adriatic Sea during the First World War.

While retreating over Albania, the Serbian soldiers carried with them the first page of the original Miroslav's Gospel manuscript, one of the oldest surviving documents written in Old Church Slavonic and Cyrillic.

On Sunday, Nikolić presented the museum with "a unique copy" of the page.

“Here, on Corfu and Vido, only Serbs and Greeks can speak out. Others will bow their heads and admire the Serbs and Greeks,” the Serbian president wrote in the museum's guest book.

Nikolić said on the occasion that nothing could jeopardize the great friendship between the two nations.

“Serbia has overcome all challenges, and with friends like these (the Greeks), it will also overcome the one it is facing right now," said Nikolić, who arrived on a visit to Greece as the head of a Serbian delegation on Friday, at the invitation of the country's president, Carolos Papoulias.

“We had meetings with Greece's most senior representatives and became confident of the love and respect that Serbs and Greeks foster towards each other and of the relationship that have lasted for centuries and that will continue through the ages to come,” the Serbian president said summing up the results of his visit to Athens.

Serbian House curator Ljubomir Saramandić showed the president the permanent exhibition of the museum, noting that Serbia and its citizens should never forget the Blue Tomb - some 5,000 Serbian soldiers buried at the bottom of the Ionian Sea.

During his stay in Greece, Nikolić visited the Serbian Orthodox monastic community in Hilandar Monastery on Mount Athos.


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