Trade unions stage protest in front of govt. building

The Confederation of Free Trade Unions (KSS) staged a protest in front of the Serbian government building in Belgrade on Wednesday.

Izvor: Tanjug

They called for a new law limiting maximum public sector salaries to be revoked, and demanded immediate initiation of a social dialogue.

“The protest was scheduled by the decision of the Confederation's presidency, and approximately 1,500 union activists from all over Serbia gathered outside the government,” building, KSS Secretary-General Dragan Marjanović told Tanjug.

The rally participants demanded to be received by Prime Minister Ivica Dačić, but since he was at a meeting in Brussels, they left a letter to the prime minister seeking an urgent launching of a social dialogue.

The KSS wants the law revoked, or at least for it to be amended to exempt employees with the lowest salaries from it, as their earnings should be reduced by about RSD 5,000 under the new law, Marjanović said.

If the KSS requirements are not met, Marjanović said, new protests will be even more massive.

As a representative union, the KSS is asking to be involved in the work of the Social and Economic Council, he added, stressing that the KSS has not yet received any calls to attend the body's sessions.

Marjanović said the trade union would file criminal charges against Social and Economic Council's officials, as its chairman was obliged to invite KSS members to attend the body's meetings, which has never been the case.


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