Serbian WWII Victims Remembrance Day marked

The Serbian WWII Victims Remembrance Day is marked across the country on Sunday.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić laid a wreath in Kragujevac’s Šumice Memorial Park on Sunday.

Serbian state officials, representatives of the diplomatic corps, Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) dignitaries, local officials and numerous citizens attended the commemoration in Šumice Memorial Park where Nazis shot to death 2,792 civilians on October 21, 1941.

Bishop of Šumadija held a memorial service for the victims.

Nikolić said that dates such as this one represented a warning for everyone.

“I think this is a good warning for everybody and I think that his Excellency German Ambassador Heinz Georg Wilhelm is here and showed the greatness of his people. The people never stand by criminals,” he stressed.

The Serbian WWII Victims Remembrance Day is marked for the first time this year.

Kragujevac mayor Veroljub Stevanović, German, Palestinian, Slovak and Belarusian ambassadors, representatives of Russian, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Italian and Montenegrin Embassies also attended the commemoration.

According to some information, 2,792 civilians were killed in Kragujevac, including 270 children. The youngest victim was 11 years old.

However, it was determined at the Nuremberg trial that 7,000 citizens were killed in Kragujevac.

The execution of the Serbian civilians started at 7:00 and lasted until 14:00 on October 21, 1941. The reason for the execution were German losses in combat against Partisan units on October 16, 1941. Only ten German soldiers were killed and 26 were wounded in the fighting.


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