One village critical, three more wildfires on Tara

Fires on Mt. Tara are still raging at several locations, and, according to reports from the field, the most difficult situation is in the village of Kremna.

Source: Tanjug

The action of putting out the blaze is carried out by firefighting and rescue units, members of the military and the MUP Gendarmerie, with the help of police helicopter Bell, and it is expected that Russian helicopter Kamov Ka-32 will soon arrive at the scene.

Members of the firefighting unites have created new lines of defense in the most vulnerable areas on Mt. Tara, that is new firefighting routes, but strong wind is making it difficult for them to put out the fire.

Serbian Interior Ministry Emergency Situations Sector Chief Predrag Marić told Tanjug that new defense lines have been created at Tara's endangered locations, and voiced expectation the fire will be placed under control.

The situation with wildfires is also very difficult in the area of Merdare, Sijarinska banja and Vlasotince, southern Serbia.

Emergency Situations Sector Deputy Chief Đorđe Babić said that when it comes to Tara, it is highly unlikely that Russian aircrafts Beriev and Illyshin will be of any help because of the weather conditions.

He added that a military helicopter has been included in the firefighting operation in the area of Sijarinska banja, while three airplanes of agricultural aviation have taken part in putting out the fire in the area of Vlasotince.

The situation is quite grave in the area of Merdare as well, where Russian Beriev was engaged three times during the morning, Babic Babić.

More photos from Mt. Tara


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