New equipment donated to Prokuplje hospital

B92 Fund and the Building Directorate of Serbia's delivered a new reanimation table and a phototherapy lamp to the Prokuplje General Hospital on Wednesday.

Source: B92

In the course of the campaign "Battle for the Babies, the Building Directorate of Serbia (BDS) has already donated one transportable incubator to this institution and B92 Fund Board of Directors President Veran Matić announced at the time procurement of additional equipment, which was carried out today.

In a conversation with Prokuplje Mayor Bojan Lepojević, Municipal Assembly Speaker Ljubiša Đurković, Toplica District Head Srđan Jordaćijević, president of the Management Board of the General Hospital Slaviša Lepojević and director of the Building Directorate of Serbia Dragan Grujić, Matić presented the goals of the campaign "Battle for the Maternity Wards", stressing that B92 Fund wanted to make coalition of companies, state institutions, NGOs, and individuals around every maternity ward, a kind of fun club of those who were born at that maternity ward, or the parents whose babies would be born there, and other donors, with the aim of providing acquisition of new equipment in the long run, as well as carrying out the campaigns of solidarity in order to prevent the possibility of these important institutions to become neglected.

It is planned to renew all necessary equipment, to secure modern devices, but also to provide maternity wards with basic needs, such as: bedclothes, clothes, diapers, air-conditioners, as well as to reconstruct and renovate premises and sanitary facilities, according to the current needs.

Representatives of the local community agreed to secure mechanisms for such a project to be realized and institutionalized in order to be implemented, thus preventing economic crisis to directly jeopardize empty medical funds.

This innovative concept will contribute to solving all important problems of the maternity wards in Prokuplje till the end of the year, enabling giving birth to become a magnificent event in the life of every woman, parents, and every baby.

"Hospitals are the places where life and death are being confronted. In this battle, life definitely comes out as a winner. That is why hospitals should not be neglected, ruined and grey... Hospitals, and above all maternity wards within them, should look neat and cheerful, in order to symbolize the victory of life. The proposal of establishing pool of sponsors that will cover the needs of maternity wards is considered as great. In times of the biggest economic crisis, it seems that we can help ourselves the best. We sincerely thank B92 Fund and Mr. Veran Matić on all their help, and above all, on this brilliant idea. We also express gratitude to the Building Directorate of Serbia and its Director Grujić, hoping that they would accept to become the first member of sponsor pool of the maternity ward in Prokuplje," Medical Center Director Dragan Dinić said.

On behalf of the donors, Grujić had said that it was of utmost importance to join our efforts in solving crucial problems in the field where obviously authorized institutions were not in a position to help.

He supported B92 Fund's initiative of establishing association "Our Maternity Ward", adding that the Building Directorate of Serbia would always work in parents and babies' interest, offering continuing help to such causes.


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