Film director: I have permission to take stone

Serbian film director Emir Kustirica claims that he got an oral permission from the Trebinje authorities to take stone blocks from the Petrinja Fortress.

Source: Tanjug

Some Trebinje residents held a protest on Friday against Kusturica who has been taking stone blocks off the fortress from the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire for Andrićgrad he is building in the Bosnian town of Višegrad to honor Nobel-winning author Ivo Andrić.

The protesters claim that the famous film director is demolishing the century-old fortress.

Kusturica said that his crew had only taken stone blocks that had been scattered around the fortress and had been overgrown with grass for the needs of Andrićgrad that will also be used a film set.

“We had a verbal permission of Trebinje Mayor Dobroslav Ćuk,“ he stressed.

Kusturica got a permission to demolish several old structures in Trebinje and Herzegovina in order to use the stone for the construction of Andrićgrad, but they mostly included old and abandoned houses and barns.

He claims that he knows where the accusations that he is destroying Bosnia-Herzegovina's cultural heritage are coming from and that “those people are obsessively following his every step”.

“Andrićgrad will be a place of peace and prosperity, a place where people will trade and exchange ideas, where the Ottoman Empire and Byzantine will meet, neoclassicism and the renaissance,” he explained.


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