NGO gives tolerance awards

The Anti-Discrimination Coalition has presented awards for elimination of discrimination and contribution to improvement of equality.

Source: Beta

B92 is among the award winners.

State Secretary at Human and Minority Rights Ministry Marko Karadžić and the team of the Labor and Social Policy Ministry won the award for combating discrimination in the public authority category.

The awards were also presented to Radio and TV B92, non-governmental organization Peščanik, Telenor telecommunications company and actor Nikola Đuričko.

Receiving his award, Karadžić said that “the job in the field of human rights is never finished” and that “no society is immune to discrimination”.

“What characterizes a democratic and developed society is the existence of an efficient, timely and professional protection system which will primarily work on prevention and then on protection. Unfortunately long, hard and huge work awaits us in order for our society to be like that,” he said.

On behalf of the Labor and Social Policy Ministry the award was received by the State Secretary Zoran Martinović.

He said that the survey from 2009 had shown that 86 percent of the citizens of Serbia noticed and admitted that discrimination existed, and that 59 percent condemned it.

“Only 16 percent of the fifth of the citizens who said they were discriminated against sought appropriate protection measures,” Martinović stressed.

He also announced that the Non-Discrimination White Book would be soon published, along with a campaign to raise awareness, scheduled to start in the next few days.

The Anti-Discrimination Coalition has been presenting awards to individuals, organizations, institutions, companies and media that have made the most effort to eliminate discrimination since 2008.

The award winners were given spinning tops created by sculptor Srđan Apostolović.

“A spinning top for us in the coalition represents something cheerful but it also has a ‘needle’ which can be dangerous if one’s not careful,” the coalition’s representatives explained.

The coalition includes the Center for Advanced Legal Studies, the Civil Rights Defenders, Labris, the Anti-Trafficking Center, CHRIS Network, the Association of Students with Disabilities, the Big and Small Inclusion Initiative, and GAYTEN LGBT.


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