Al report: Qualified praise of Serbia

AI says Serbia has made progress in terms of extraditing Hague fugitives and trying war crimes suspects, but still has problems when it comes to discrimination.

Source: Tanjug

Amnesty International’s (AI) report for 2009 states that another problem is impunity when it comes to ethnic violence.

The organization’s report on Serbia (with Kosovo as a sub-heading) states that the UN mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) has been unable to resolve the issue of impunity of international community officials responsible for human rights violations, or of war criminals, especially those responsible for missing persons cases and abductions.

There is also a lot of discrimination in Kosovo towards minority communities, while the return of displaced persons is all but ignored, according to the report.

AI states that in the Sandžak region, disputes between political parties and opposing Islamic groups continue to foment violence.

Amnesty states that no progress has been made in the investigation into allegations of excessive force used against prisoners in Niš, who revolted in December 2006, after the death of one of their number as a result of serious injuries sustained during a beating.

The organization says that there are still reports of abuse of Albanian prisoners and unacceptable police behavior towards journalists and Roma.

AI adds that the world economic crisis has also triggered a human rights crisis, which has turned the world into a place of injustice, inequality and insecurity that is fit to burst.

The 424-page document ends with a call to world leaders, especially those of the G20, to invest more in human rights, and to devote to human rights the same amount of resources as they are to getting out of the economic crisis.

In the European and Central Asian part of the report, which covers January to December 2008, it is stated that the economic crisis has led to great political changes in Hungary, Iceland and Latvia.

Numerous countries are feeling the effects of the crisis, which could lead to an increase in xenophobia and attacks on marginalized groups like immigrants and Roma, the AI report concludes.


Bishop sacks rehab priest

SPC Bishop Artemije has relieved the abusive manager of the drug rehabilitation center located at the Crna Reka monastery grounds, Branislav Peranović.

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