K. Serbs living in cold storage containers

Serbs who fled from Gnjilane after the March 2004 riots have been living in a cold storage facility in Šilovo for the last five years.

Source: B92

There are about 1,000 internally displaced persons in Kosovo, most of whom left their homes after the March 2004 violence.

A group of about 40 Serbs left Gnjilane that year, finding shelter in a cold storage facility in Šilovo, in the former Mladost factory.

They have been living in the factory premises, one of 17 collective centers in Kosovo, for five years now. Many families are forced to live in an area no greater than 20 square meters.

The younger residents of the Šilovo collective center need more living room. For older people, it is most important to have some kind of roof over their heads and to know that their families are safe.

Recently, the displaced persons in the cold storage facility in Šilovo stopped receiving aid.

The National Commissariat for Refugees has a record of the people in the cold storage facility and is planning a solution, not only for them, but for displaced persons in ten other Kosovo municipalities.

National Commissariat Coordinator for Kosovo Dragan Velić claims that caring for these internally displaced persons from Kosovo is the responsibility of international humanitarian organizations, which, he said, have done nothing to help these people.


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