Zuroff Novi Sad honorary citizen

Simon Wiesenthal Jerusalem Center Director Efraim Zuroff has been awarded the title of an honorary citizen of Novi Sad.

Source: B92, Beta

The decision to confer the title was taken back in October of last year as a token of gratitude and as recognition of Zuroff’s struggle for justice and truth.

For years, he has led the fight to find and bring Nazi Second World War criminals to justice.

Accepting the title, Zuroff said that the political will to bring these criminals to trial was fading fast, but stressed that Nazi war crimes never expired and that the perpetrators of these crimes had to be brought to account.

“I don’t view this recognition as anything personal. First and foremost, it highlights the significance that, even today, the act of bringing Nazi war criminals to justice carries,” said the Simon Wiesenthal Center director.

“It reestablishes important principles, namely, that the passage of time in no way detracts from the guilt of the perpetrators and that old age should not protect ruthless murderers from bearing the guilt for the heinous crimes they committed,” he added.

Zuroff hopes that this award will carry resonance, particularly in Hungary, where Šandor Kepiro lives, convicted of having been one of those who conceived and executed the so-called Novi Sad raid.

Conferring the title, Novi Sad Mayor Igor Pavličić said that the city assembly had taken the decision to award Zuroff unanimously.

“Above all, the fact that the city assembly took this decision unanimously says a great deal for the values that Mr. Zuroff upholds and for what he, like the Simon Wiesenthal Center, has dedicated his life to. Therefore, undivided support exists for this decision and for it to be done, like Mr. Zuroff says, for the future, and not the past,” said Pavličić.


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