Press: Karadžić extradition details

The newspapers continue to report about Radovan Karadžić, this time about his transfer to the Hague Tribunal.

Source: B92, Beta

ALO—"One of pilots refused to fly Radovan", the tabloid claims that the extradition on Wednesday morning was postponed several times because a pilot on government payroll would not fly the plane meant to take Radovan Karadžić to the Hague Tribunal.

"Incredible: Euro 77 dinars today", looks at the strengthening of the home currency.

BLIC—The tabloid prints a huge post-arrest Karadžić photo on the front page, and leads with this story: "Karadžić waken up one hour before extradition".

"Radicals responsible for unrest", another article concludes, as it looks at the Tuesday evening rally in Belgrade that turned violent.

BORBA—"Extradition at crack of dawn", this daily also leads with the Karadžić story.

"RSD 3mn damages of rioting", is about the aftermath of clashes between hooligans and police in Belgrade two days ago.

VEČERNJE NOVOSTI—This daily looks at the Hague indictment against the former political leader of the Bosnian Serbs: "He's charged with everything!"

"Defense from freedom", says that judicial workers, including Judge Goran Kljajević, known as the Bankruptcy Mafia, have been released from detention.

Meanwhile, NBS chief Radovan Jelašić says of the record values of the home currency, denying it's down to central bank's propping, "Dinar swims alone".

GAZETA—"Šešelj welcomes Raša in Hague", the tabloid claims.

"Bosses have betrayed us", is about dissent among some police officers in the wake of the Belgrade rioting on Tuesday.

GLAS JAVNOSTI—"First history, then Hague, after all", is about the extradition at dawn.

"I thanked Dačić and Tadić nicely", SRS official Aleksandar Vučić says in an interview. He also blames the authorities for the rally violence.

DANAS—"Radovan Karadžić in courtroom today", this newspaper says.

It also looks at the financial damages of the Tuesday violence: "Material damage over RSD 3mn".

"Both Belgrade and Priština needed for agreement", UNMIK chief Lamberto Zannier is quoted.

KURIR—"Extradited", this tabloid says on the front page.

"Who's to blame for chaos", analyzes the riots at the SRS organized pro-Karadžić rally.

POLITIKA—"Karadžić today in court", announces the first appearance of the war crimes suspect at the Hague.

"Kljajević's detention ends", more on the Bankruptcy Mafia trial.

PRESS—The tabloid claims to have the last words Radovan Karadžić uttered before being extradited from Serbia: "Serb brothers, may God look after you".


Protest over police beating of reporter

Beta news agency has officially protested a police beating of its journalist reporting from a Tuesday rally in Belgrade.

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