Budapest doubles as Belgrade on CNN

A video posted on CNN mixed file footage of a Budapest demo with that from Tuesday's clashes in Belgrade.

Source: Tanjug

The U.S. television network showed the video on its website, with scenes of hooligan and police violence in the Serbian capital spiced with footage of demonstrations held in Budapest earlier.

CNN dedicated a substantial time slot to the Tuesday unrest in Belgrade, "and after editors obviously ran out of footage, they added to their site films of other demonstrations that were at hand", Tanjug news agency speculates today.

As a result, Belgrade "finally got an underground train system" albeit in the shape of the Budapest Metro. However, Serbian police "fared better", the agency says, since "CNN equipped them with a water cannon which their Hungarian counterparts use during protests".

CNN has in the meantime removed the film from its website, but it was recorded and broadcast on YouTube, where it can still be seen.


Protest over police beating of reporter

Beta news agency has officially protested a police beating of its journalist reporting from a Tuesday rally in Belgrade.

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