Press: Karadžić personas, death threats

The newspapers are fascinated with Karadžić's many faces, and look at death threats received by top state officials.

Source: B92, Beta

ALO—"Radovan stole my image", the tabloid quotes a man introduced as healer Petar Glumac, whom the Austrian media mistook for Hague indictee Radovan Karadžić.

"Jelena misses chance of lifetime", reports about Jelena Janković's failure to progress in the Carson tennis tournament.

In Belgrade on Sunday, "Man dismembers wife, commits hara-kiri".

BLIC—"Dr. Dabić was my host in Belgrade", the daily has another healer, this time Vojislav Đudurović of Banja Luka, who speaks about his encounters with the Hague fugitive.

"Man kills wife, self in street", more about the grisly episode in Belgrade.

BORBA—"Better safe that sorry", the daily says of threats received by top state officials.

"Four more days to register", is about the deadline for citizens to apply for free shares.

VEČERNJE NOVOSTI—"Encircled for three months", the daily leads with a story that details the security services' activities and role in the arrest of Karadžić.

Meanwhile, Oliver Dulić, DS, is quoted as saying, "State will help Karadžić".

GAZETA—Another tabloid could not stay away from "the real healer" story: "Radovan took over my image", Petar Glumac is quoted on the front page.

"Massacre in street!", is about the murder-suicide in Belgrade yesterday.

GLAS JAVNOSTI—"West and our tycoons, that's 'Serbian superparty'", DSS leader Vojislav Koštunica says in an interview.

"I am Glumac [actor], but I'm no Dr. Dabić", is another look at Radovan Karadžić's personas and those he reportedly borrowed them from.

DANAS—"Serbian president receives dozens of death threats", leads the daily.

"Investment worth EUR 1.2bn", is about the Fiat-Zastava partnership contract expected to be signed.

KURIR—"This government has no courage", Koštunica is quoted yet again.

"Doppelganger", more on the Karadžić disguise details.

POLITIKA—"Glumac: He took over my image", the paper also brings a photo on the front page to illustrate the claim.

"Radovanović: Attacks on system", quotes the state prosecutor, who spoke about the death threats sent to Boris Tadić.

PRESS—"How Radovan was really arrested", this tabloid purports to be in the know. One detail the story brings is that "more than 50 secret police agents were following Dragan David Dabić's every move".


Broadcasting agency chief sacked

The Broadcasting Agency, RRA, council chief Nenad Cekić has been relieved of his duties today, Tanjug says.

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