Press: Ana Ivanović welcomed in Belgrade

The newspapers today lead with reports from yesterday's arrival in Belgrade by Ana Ivanović.

Source: B92, Beta

ALO—"Cvetković refuses premier's chair", the tabloid claims of the DS finance minister in the outgoing cabinet, but adds that Bojan Pajtić might accept.

"Queen arrives home", the papers persist with their royal terminology when describing Ana Ivanović, the WTA No.1, who was welcomed in Belgrade yesterday.

BLIC—"I plan more trophies, and then I might as well get married", the paper chooses this quote from Ivanović for its front page.

Citing unnamed sources, it says that the Socialists, SPS, will join a Democrat-led government: "SPS makes decision, Dačić employs tactics".

Meanwhile, the verdict in a case against SPS founder and leader's son is also reported about: "Marko Milošević acquitted for lack of evidence".

BORBA—"Gripped by Socialists", says that daily of the government negotiations.

"Projecting South Stream" is about the defining of the exact route the natural gas pipeline will be built along.

A huge photo of Ana Ivanović is also on the front page.

VEČERNJE NOVOSTI—"Still buying time", is about the Socialists and their position in the cabinet talks.

Another huge Ivanović photo is on another front page.

GAZETA—"Jeremić premier", this tabloid believes, and mentions outgoing FM from the ranks of the Democrats as "closest" to Serbia's top job.

"Digging student graves in search for EUR 100,000!!!", police have apparently exhibited a degree of insensitivity as they did their job, looking for the remainder of the money stolen from the Raiffeisen bank in Kragujevac. The search took place in a WW2 memorial site.

GLAS JAVNOSTI—"Queen in Belgrade", more from the arrival of Ana Ivanović in Serbia.

A speculation on whether UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has sent a letter to Boris Tadić is found under: "Formula: Kosovo/Resolution 1244".

"Koštunica: Diminishing chances of government with SPS", says the DSS leader.

DANAS—"Socialists still without decision on who to join in cabinet", says this daily.

"I feel like I'm in dream", Ivanović is quoted.

KURIR—The tabloid believes that the acquittal of Milošević junior is a part of the DS-SPS deal: "Concession".

"Where's money?", asks another headline, and reports that Predrag Bubalo, DSS, and Velimir Ilić, NS, have called on their cabinet colleague, Mirko Cvetković, DS, "to say where the budget money is".

POLITIKA—"Tennis queen in court", says that Ivanović addressed Belgraders yesterday from the Old Palace building.

"Tadić ticket ever closer to forming government", says of the cabinet talks.

"Marko Milošević acquitted of all charges", is also on the front page.

PRESS—"Queen in Belgrade", the tabloid is not overly creative when it chooses the headline for the Ivanović report.

And then, Bubalo and Ilić are quoted on another front page: "Where are EUR 3bn from budget?".


Press: High profile crash on deadly roads

The newspapers today lead with the latest on the traffic accident that left a popular athlete seriously injured, and the cabinet negotiations twists.

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Three dead in Ibarska car crash

Three people have died in a traffic accident on the Ibarska main road this afternoon, Belgrade electronic media are reporting.

Society Saturday, June 28, 2008 20:33 Comments: 0
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