Press: Messages of defiance over Kosovo

The newspapers' front pages today reflect the defiance and anger that Serbia is expressing over Kosovo.

Source: B92, Beta

ALO—"We won't give it up", is one of a series of articles that deal with the Kosovo Albanians' unilateral declaration of secession, and Serbia's reaction.

"Gas price up six dinars", says another front page item.

"Drunkard set ten people on fire", is the latest on the Novi Sad tragedy that took place over the weekend, when eight people died and two were seriously injured in a fire.

BLIC—"Angry protests all over Serbia", and "U.S. and France recognize Kosovo", are two headlines dealing with the latest stage of the Kosovo crisis.

"Man kills eight out of revenge", brings the details from the Novi Sad fire, which has apparently been the work of an arsonist.

BORBA—"'Independence' annulled", the daily reports about the moves Serbia made in the wake of Sunday's unilateral declaration in Priština.

"Speedy road toward privatization", is about the Brezovica ski center.

VEČERNJE NOVOSTI—"Stamp [of approval] for violence", the paper leads with Kosovo and reactions.

"Bank guards the dinar", is about the central bank, NBS, and its efforts to maintain the domestic currency stability.

A competition to select Serbia's Eurovision song contest hopeful, Beovision, has been cancelled: "No song for Europe".

GAZETA—"Serbs, no surrender!!!", echoes the general sentiment in the country on its front page, as it reports about the Kosovo status.

"Republic of Srpska will be independent", a headline to an interview with the Bosnian Serb entity's prime minister, Milorad Dodik, says.

GLAS JAVNOSTI—Newspapers have taken to printing bold headlines on their front pages that can also be found on the protesters' banners; thus, the headline to the student protest report says, "It will remain ours".

"Confirm Serbia's borders", is about President Boris Tadić's address to the UN Security Council session yesterday.

"NATO-state recognizes NATO-state", looks at the fact the first country to officially recognize Kosovo's unilateral independence was Afghanistan.

"Criminal complaints against Thaci, Sejdiu and Krasniqi", MUP has announced, and the daily carries the story on the front page.

DANAS—"Belgrade wants Priština's decisions annulled", the liberal daily says in its UN SC report.

"Citizens protest, hooligans demolish", is its take on the ongoing demonstrations in the streets of Belgrade, but also as of yesterday in other cities.

Former foreign minister, Goran Svilanović, says, "Government must prevent Serb exodus from Kosovo".

KURIR—"Anger of the people!", the tabloid says about the protests and riots.

"Face of the killer!", is about the Novi Sad café tragedy.

POLITIKA—"Who will recognize Kosovo", the newspaper looks at the list of those who will support a move Serbia sees as illegal.

"Serbia too loses Dayton accords", a headline says, while the article explains that the Serbian authorities "no longer keep the original of the document", and not only that, but they "have no idea where it might be".

PRESS—"Serbia won't give in", the front page says.

"Why are you rewarding horrendous crimes against the Serbs?", is another front page headline, along with a picture of Tadić, addressing the UN Security Council.


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