Bulgarian minority seeks improved status

Bulgarian national minority representatives residing in Bosilegrad claim their rights are not properly respected.

Source: B92

Ethnic Bulgarians residing in south-eastern town of Bosilegrad have demanded from Belgrade, Brussels and Sofia to secure the effective exercise of their rights as a minority group. The initiative was signed by several non-governmental organizations and political parties based in the town.

The Bulgarian minority has asked Serbia to abide by its laws and recognize the usage of the group’s language in schools and as a means of official correspondence.

It also demanded from Serbia to distant itself from certain acts in the past, to respect cultural and national heritage of Bulgarians, to promote economic development and create conditions for an effective functioning of market economy and rule of law.

Bulgarians living in Bosilegrad have included in their demands a motion to place villages of Klisura, Božica and Topli Dol under the jurisdiction of the Bosilegrad municipality. These villages adjoined Surdulica municipality following the end of World War II.

The initiative was also addressed to the Bulgarian authorities in Sofia, seeking assistance regarding the restoration of the national identity, at the same time demanding from the European Union to actively monitor the position of the Bulgarian ethnic minority in Serbia.


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