Serbian MUP marks Police Day

Ministry of the Interior (MUP) today celebrates the Police Day.

Source: B92

The central event will be held in the Makiš training center in Belgrade.

Saturday, members of the Belgrade police did a march past in Knez Mihajlova Street.

Minister of the Interior Dragan Jočić and his associates have placed wreaths at Jakov Nenadović’s memorial plaque, while Police Director Milorad Veljović will lay wreaths at the Čukur Česma monument, the government said in a press release.

The Serbian police has chosen to mark a movable religious holiday of Svete Trojice (Holy Trinity), celebrated  each year 50 days after Easter, as its day, in memory of the Serbian Gendarmerie who in 1862, although greatly outnumbered, confronted the Turkish army at Čukur Česma in Belgrade.


Child trafficking victims

Child victims of human trafficking in Serbia are sexually exploited, forced into marriages or begging.

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