Is anything changing: Crisis Staff session at 9 a.m.

The session of the Crisis Staff for the fight against coronavirus is scheduled for 9 o'clock.

Source: B92

First of all, the epidemiological situation in the country will be assessed, and based on that assessment, the members of the Crisis Staff will make further decisions.

Crisis Staff will discuss the tests for entering Serbia, as well as the possible shift of the working hours of catering facilities and food shops.

At the last session of the Crisis Staff, held last Monday, it was decided that all the measures that were valid before the New Year and Christmas holidays would remain in force, and that the students from January 18 could return to schools for the start of the second semester.

At the moment, the doors of catering facilities and shopping centers are still open until 8 pm, and the grocery stores until 9 pm.


Crisis Staff in session at 9 a.m.

Today at 9 o'clock, Crisis Staff meets, for the first time since the detection of a new British strain of coronavirus in Serbia. Several topics on the agenda.

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