Why are today's figures disturbing?

The number of people positive for coronavirus in Serbia is growing day by day and has increased dramatically compared to the situation earlier this month

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Foto: Depositphotos/BalkansCat
Foto: Depositphotos/BalkansCat

Today's figures are rather worrying, because out of 3.325 tested - as many as 214 tested positive for coronavirus, while during the whole last week, the number of new cases tested was almost twice as low.

Last week, on October 11, out of 2.906 people tested, there were 102 positive cases, and in the first week of the month, on October 4, there were 59 new cases out of 2.667 tested that day.

There is a noticeable difference even compared to yesterday, when 227 new cases were discovered out of 5.456 tested persons, because 2.000 more persons were tested yesterday than today, and the numbers are approximately the same.

By the way, currently 390 people are in hospital treatment for the consequences of coronavirus, while 24 patients are on respirators in cities across Serbia.

Compared to the beginning of the month, the number of hospitalized gradually increased, which on this day last week amounted to 315, and on the first week of the month 284.

The percentage of patients on respirators did not change drastically, considering that there were 21 people on respirator in the first week of October, while there were 20 people the following week.

Most registered cases have been in the Serbian capital for several days in a row.

Epidemiologists appeal to citizens to wear masks indoors, and they also recommend them outdoors. It is also advisable to keep an appropriate distance, especially in areas where there is a large fluctuation of people.

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon warned this morning that the situation in Serbia is unfavorable, and that Belgrade is threatened by the introduction of an emergency situation.


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