"Relaxation of measures is not realistic"; When do we take off masks? VIDEO

"What can be noticed at this moment is that there was no increase that could have been expected after the holidays, and that is encouraging," Dr Kon stated.

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Printskrin/ TV B92
Printskrin/ TV B92

Stating that the number of newly infected in the previous days is "very high", Kon said at the press conference of the Crisis Staff that an increase is possible "if we relax and stop respecting the measures currently in force", but also assessed that we are no longer in an emergency epidemiological situation.

"Every vaccine is safe"

Provincial Secretary of Health Zoran Gojković said that some hospitals are now partially starting to work outside the COVID system.

"As for the vaccine, a contingent of Chinese vaccine should arrive tomorrow, after which it will be examined whether it meets all legal norms of the Republic of Serbia, and if the vaccine exceeds all those thresholds and is approved, we will be able to start vaccinating citizens who stated that they wanted to be vaccinated with that vaccine," Gojkovic said.

He pointed out that the great success of Serbia is that three different vaccines were procured. As he stated, this is just the beginning of vaccination, and serious tasks are expected in the future in order to avoid failures. Gojkovic said that the Pfizer vaccine received a permanent permit, and that is expected for both the Russian and Chinese vaccines. He added that the producers of the Chinese and Russian vaccines will provide a larger amount of vaccines in the first delivery, and that there should be no problems with the quantity for revaccination.

"There is great pressure on those who produce vaccines, because there are not enough of them. We hope that what we agreed on Pfizer for Serbia will be respected," Gojković states.

"As for the number of vaccines coming to Serbia, I think we will successfully do this job. For that, we need the support of citizens, because that is a priority, to vaccinate as many citizens as possible in order to prevent the spread of the virus," Zoran Gojković said.

As he said, the decision was to offer the citizens a choice of more vaccines. "Every vaccine that is registered in Serbia is registered in accordance with the law and is completely safe and guaranteed by the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices," says Gojković.

When asked by journalists to include journalists among the priority group for vaccination, Gojković said that this was being discussed and that journalists were certainly a risk group exposed to the virus. Dr Kon said that there is a system that regulates and reports reactions after vaccination. As he says, every reaction should be reported, after which the patient will be referred to a doctor.

"Adverse events need to be determined first, whether they are related to the vaccine or not."

"Relaxation of measures is not realistic"

"The easing of measures is not realistic, especially when school needs to start, and we have a new strain of the virus present in Europe," Dr Predrag Kon said.

He pointed out that there is no reason to postpone the start of school, but that it should not be a surprise for the flu to appear, which can cause difficulties in COVID clinics. When it comes to stopping wearing masks, Dr Kon states that we are quite far from such a situation.

He said that this will happen only when the collective immunity increases and when the number of infected people drops below the double-digit number.

"If someone had said half a year ago that we would have the vaccine in January, I would have said that it was impossible. I hope that we will get out of this situation faster, but that we will take off our masks faster, we will wait a little longer," said Dr Kon.

He stated that, if there is a fourth wave, they do not expect it to be as dramatic as the third one.


Crisis Staff in session at 9 a.m.

Today at 9 o'clock, Crisis Staff meets, for the first time since the detection of a new British strain of coronavirus in Serbia. Several topics on the agenda.

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