Crisis Staff in session; Novi Sad "on the edge" Difficult situation in Užice hospital

According to yesterday's health report, Serbia registered a record number of newly infected and deceased.

Source: B92

Several municipalities have already declared an emergency situation, while some are preparing to do so. Crisis Staff meeting is scheduled for 12 o'clock, where the introduction of new restrictive measures can be expected.

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In KC "Niš", 35 patients are in intensive care

There are 35 COVID patients in intensive care at the Clinical Center Nis, 20 of whom are on mechanical ventilation, said today the director of the Clinic for Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Dr Radmilo Janković.

He says that almost 50 doctors are engaged in the intensive care unit at that clinic.

"Again, there is a lot of pressure on anesthesiologists - 35 patients, as many as 20 on mechanical ventilation," Janković told RTS.

The number of patients on respirators is growing: 13 people in serious condition in the Užice hospital

At the General Hospital in Uzice, 20 patients positive and suspected of coronavirus are currently hospitalized.

There are presently 17 patients in the intensive care unit, 13 of whom are on a respirator.

106 patients, with mild and moderate clinical picture, were accommodated in the COVID hospital in Krčagovo.

In the Clinic of Infectious Disease, 288 health checks, two deaths: "A tough night is behind us"

Screenshot/TV B92
Screenshot/TV B92

At the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases of the Clinical Center of Serbia, there were 288 COVID examinations in 24 hours, and two deaths during the night, said the deputy director of the clinic, Ivana Milošević.

Milosevic told RTS that the capacities of the Infectious Diseases Clinic are filled and that 12 patients were on respirators.

"A painful night is behind us. The clinic is full of patients, 12 patients are on respirators. We also had two deaths last night. We have eight free respirators, all ward places are full," Milosevic said.

Vučević: I do not rule out the introduction of an emergency situation

The epidemiological situation in Novi Sad is unstable, a city that is just behind Belgrade in terms of the number of newly infected, and Mayor Miloš Vučević does not rule out the introduction of an emergency situation.

Crisis Staff session at noon

The members of the Crisis Staff will hold a session at 12 o'clock, at which the introduction of new measures will be considered. To reiterate, Serbia registered the largest number of newly infected people since the outbreak of the epidemic yesterday.


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