Digital green certificate available today: Document for easier travel

As of today, all citizens of the Republic of Serbia can download the certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 and the results of various tests for SARS-CoV-2

Source: B92, Tanjug
Foto: Viacheslav Lopatin / Shutterstock
Foto: Viacheslav Lopatin / Shutterstock

"The digital green certificate is a consolidated certificate proving that you have received the COVID-19 vaccine and that you have SARS-CoV-2 infectious disease test results. It is a certificate that is qualified electronically stamped and as such cannot be falsified or the digital green certificate, in addition to personal data - name, surname, JMBG, gender and passport number, contains information on whether the person has been vaccinated, the number of doses received, as well as the date of receipt of the first and second dose, results of PCR, Antigen and Serological test", Dr Mihailo Jovanović, Director of the Office for IT and eGovernment, said.

In order to obtain the Digital Green Certificate, it is necessary for citizens to be registered on the eGovernment Portal, the Government Office announced.

After logging in and selecting the Digital Green Certificate service, the Start service option is displayed. It is necessary that, after starting the Start Service option, citizens check their data, confirm their email address and in a few minutes the Digital Electronic Certificate arrives at the selected email.


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