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Previous days reminded us of summer, but according to the announcements of meteorologists, that will come to an end tomorrow.

Source: Blic
Foto: Shutterstok/Nebojsa Markovic
Foto: Shutterstok/Nebojsa Markovic

On his Facebook profile, meteorologist Marko Čubrilo issued a warning that refers to the coming days and the weather conditions that they bring.

"As of tonight, we are entering an extremely unstable period that will bring frequent occurrence of local showers with thunder and local bad weather conditions," said Čubrilo.

Already on Wednesday morning in the west and southwest, and during the day over the rest of the region, the atmosphere destabilizes, with the appearance of thunder showers, and in some places there may be local disasters, according to the meteorologist.

The daily maximum on Wednesday will be between 14 and 28 degrees Celsius in the east of the region, the south wind will blow, intensified in some places, while in the zone of fronts and showers, a strong westerly wind is expected, followed by a weak westerly and southwesterly wind.

"On Thursday, unstable and a little cooler, occasionally with thunder showers with conditions for local disasters. More instability over the central and eastern regions, while in the west and along the Adriatic, there will be more dry weather. Wind turning to western and northwestern, and daily highs from 14 to 19 degrees Celsius", writes Čubrilo.

On Friday, the first cyclone is expected to slowly leave our region, according to the meteorologist, and with more sun, local showers are expected only in some places, while temperatures will be around average.

"On the first day of the weekend, it will be dry and warmer over most of the region, while in the west and southwest in the afternoon new thunder showers are expected, with south wind, and daily maximum from 23 to 29 degrees Celsius. Late afternoon and night on Sunday, the weather conditions are worsening. "On the second day of the weekend, it will be variably cloudy and a little fresher, especially in the east where it will be unstable, with wind west and northwest," writes Čubrilo.

According to him, there are no signals for weather stabilization and warming until May 25, Blic reported.


Posted by Marko Cubrilo on Monday, May 10, 2021


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