"Forecasts are not optimistic"; "We haven't discussed tightening the measures" VIDEO

Epidemiologist Dr Darija Kisić Tepavčević stated that since the start of school year, 98 children have been infected, 61 from primary, 37 from secondary schools

Source: B92
Foto: Printskrin/TV B92
Foto: Printskrin/TV B92

"Once again, I would like to cokmend the students and teachers who, it is obvious, adhere to the measures, because teaching takes place continuously with sporadic cases of illness," Kisić said.

She stated that the largest number of infected people is between the ages of 20 and 40, i.e. as much as 40 percent of young and able-bodied people.

She added that the growing number of laboratory-confirmed cases is not worrying at the moment.

"The trend of growing laboratory-confirmed cases is not threatening, as is the number of hospitalized. However, the growing number of newly infected people who are potential carriers of the infection is worrying," she said.

She added that the prognosis is pessimistic, not only because the time of respiratory infections of various causes is coming, but also the situation that is happening with the coronavirus in the world and the region is not optimistic. She adds that it is therefore important that we adhere to the measures.

Kisic once again emphasized the importance of preventive measures in the fight against coronavirus.

"Our knowledge about the virus itself has changed from the beginning, but what remains unchanged are preventive measures. They were initially applied as incidental while waiting for the vaccine, even the WHO underestimated their importance. They are extremely important. Experience from China can be extremely important to us. No new measures, but the ones we know so far. Let's all get serious, let each of us directly influence these numbers," she says.

As she says, there will be no tightening of measures. More precisely, it was not talked about at this moment.

"We can't say that we expect the third wave, but we have to be realistic. Let's look at the predictions, weather conditions and the situation in the region. The health system is ready, but we hope that we will not be in a situation to use its full capacity. it cannot offer anything new in the fight against this virus. At this moment, there has been no talk of tightening the measures", Kisic concluded.


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