Hosts aghast; Juric: I have evidence against a well-known politician you hosted VIDEO

Igor Juric stated for TV Prva Morning Program that he had evidence, insufficient for the court, though, of a well-known politician who sexually abused children.

Source: B92, prva
Screenshot/TV Prva
Screenshot/TV Prva

Recent arrest of a pedophile doctor from Novi Sad, unfortunately, only confirmed the words of Juric that there are seemingly respectable citizens who sexually abuse children.

The best example of his suspicions coming true is evident from the case of a "Barber of Malca". So, we wonder how many examples and evidence is needed to pass a law that would allow police to track pedophiles when they get out of prison?

Igor Juric, founder of the "Tijana Juric Foundation", a guest on the Morning program of TV Prva, said that when it comes to the doctor of forensic medicine in Novi Sad, the case had been known for two years and that, as he said, was a public secret.

According to him, now women are coming forward, after years of being in contact with him, talking about what happened when they were at his office.

Juric also posted on his Facebook page the story of one of those women who was abused by the doctor arrested for illegal acts on a minor girl, and as he says today, another confession will be published, of another girl who was also abused at his office. In total, six female persons reported him who were underage at the time of the abuse and are now adults.

Asked by the presenter how he found out about the case, Juric says from stories heard in the city. "When five people contact you about the same person and ask if you know about him, then it is no coincidence," he said, adding that he had been contacted by specific victims.

"Only when we gathered enough evidence, did we come to the realization that we did not know at the time that he had already been sentenced in 2008, had been in prison for a year because of the abuse of a minor," Juric said.

Juric previously said his foundation has evidence for five more people for child abuse.

"I think you will be surprised to hear the identity of the people for whom we are gathering evidence presently," Juric said.

Juric said that he would make the names of the suspects known to the public before the court proceedings, saying that he would not have even gone public if he was not fully aware of each case, as well as the testimonies of abused children and if there was no evidence.

Talking about the Novi Sad doctor, he said that there was testimony from a child from a socially disadvantaged environment, whom he took to his house. Reading that sexual assault testimony was very difficult for me, he added.

Noting that he still needs the support of the police and the prosecution in order to gather evidence against persons suspected of child abuse, Juric says that in most cases he should not contact the police because he does not know who he can trust.

"In particular, I took the evidence against the doctor from Novi Sad to the police," Juric said, adding that he was arrested the next day.

When asked who these powerful people are, which he says has evidence that they sexually abused children, that is, whether they are people from the world of politics, show business or other spheres, especially considering the election campaign, Juric said: “A very serious politician is among them, well known at the national level”.

Asked if that politician will participate in the election campaign and promise all of us a better life, his answer was affirmative.

"If I had evidence that I had in the case of a doctor from Novi Sad, and a man arrested before him, I would of course give it. I have certain evidence that is not sufficient. I have no testimony. Camera photos are not enough for a conviction”, Juric said.

"That's why I went public, we need testimonials and, as the victims are reporting the doctor, I expect other victims of other people, including politicians, to report to us. I tell them, we will protect you, I will stand in front of you...”, he added.

Asked why he did not say anything about that politician to his boss, he replied that he was not sure that the boss would not protect him. He reiterated that he did not know who to trust, or that he did not trust most politicians.

The hosts of the morning program then reiterated that an election campaign was underway and that they would very likely host the politician he was talking about without knowing it, like any other broadcaster, and that this politician and his program will be promoted during the campaign.

Juric then replied: "So far, not only your television, but all national-frequency television stations, have hosted this man more than once..."

"I said - the biggest success of all my endeavors will be when I put someone like that behind bars. I want to show them that they are not almighty, because all these people, when they sit here with you, feel exactly like that. As if they were the most powerful and as if nobody could touch them. I can tell you that it is not easy for me to look at you now and that I find it difficult, but on the other hand, I need a lot more evidence to put him behind bars,” he concluded.


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