Serbian scenario in Bosnia and Herzegovina; School shooting: There are injured VIDEO

Student G.M. shot an English elementary school teacher in Lukavac early this morning. He is in serious condition.

Source: B92
Foto: Profimedia
Foto: Profimedia

Also, the injured, whose initials are O.N, is currently in the operating room where doctors are fighting for his life.

As learns, it is about the student G. M. (2008), who was transferred from one primary school to another due to bad behavior. A student came to school armed this morning and asked for N.O. whom he shot in the head.

He wounded him in the neck. The injured O.N. was transferred to the Clinical Center in Tuzla.

The student was placed under the control of the police, and the police are currently conducting an investigation on the ground. writes that the student committed the shooting out of revenge because he was kicked out of school, and he had announced his threats before.

"There was a shooting at the elementary school in Lukavac this morning, there are no children among the injured," confirmed the mayor of Lukavac, Edin Delić. "I'm asking parents to control the panic. The perpetrator is a minor child and he was immediately arrested. A difficult day," announced Delic.

The police have not yet made an official announcement.

The media reports that the student fired several shots and that it was only by sheer luck that no one else was injured. Also, the media in BiH state that Nedim Osmanović, who is the nephew of SDA vice-president Fadil Osmanović, was shot.


Resignations submitted

President of Parliament of Montenegro, Danijela Djurović, ministers of justice and education, Marko Kovač and Miomir Vojinović, left Socialist People's Party.

Region Tuesday, May 16, 2023 09:07 Comments: 0

"The hand of justice has moved"

The hand of justice in Montenegro has moved, it's just a question of its speed, said the President of Montenegrin caretaker government, Dritan Abazović.

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I told you so

The resignation of DPS leader Milo Djukanović is expected, said Prime Minister of Montenegro Dritan Abazović, adding that a new era for Montenegro should begin.

Region Thursday, April 6, 2023 13:55 Comments: 0
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