Milorad Dodik is the newly elected President of Republika Srpska

Milorad Dodik is the president of Republika Srpska, according to local media.

Source: B92
Milorad Dodik/ Petkovic
Milorad Dodik/ Petkovic

A member of the Central Election Commission, Vanja Bjelica Prutina, stated that the result for the president of Republika Srpska had been determined and that according to that result, Milorad Dodik is the new president, reports ATV.

Bjelica Prutina said that her intention, when she supported the decision to recount the votes, was to determine the results accurately.

"I think there is absolutely no dilemma when it comes to the president of Republika Srpska. So, in that sense, the result has been determined and according to these determined results, it is Mr. Milorad Dodik," she stated.


Milo keeps silent

President of Montenegro did not comment on the composition of the Government, after the leader of Demos, Miodrag Lekić, secured support of assembly's majority.

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