"If they don't stop him, we will have no choice but to stop him ourselves"

BiH Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic said that if foreigners do not stop Milorad Dodik, there will be no choice but to "stop him on our own".

Source: Tanjug, Radio Sarajevo

In an interview with Radio Sarajevo, he also called the Serbian member of the Presidency a "bandit".

According to him, Bosnia-Herzegovina "was never actually left alone by those who endanger the survival of the state".

"It is not necessary to mention who it is, they will recognize themselves. However, despite all the attacks on Bosnia and Herzegovina, it has survived and will survive," said Komsic, adding that he had no doubt that, as he says, "we will do all in that sense".

"The worst that could have happened to a country and its citizens has already happened to us, from aggression, genocide and atrocities that are not remembered by human history. Enemies of the state have killed the fear in us and that is what we should think about if they attack our state and citizens", stated Komšić, who was elected to the Presidency of BiH as a representative of Croats by the votes of Bosniaks.

He stated that fear does not paralyze us, except for a few who want to present their personal comfort as the indifference of the people to the fate of the state. He added that he would not agree to the institutions of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina being put on a "market stall", and then "bargaining about them with a bandit such as Dodik".

"Foreigners, whether our friends or enemies, must know that. We will not negotiate with the bandit about the existence of institutions whose formation was carried out in accordance with the Constitution and the law in the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have said it once before, and I will say it again. It would be better for foreigners to stop Dodik, instead of us doing that", Komsic threatened.

"If they don't stop him, we will have no choice but to stop him. He has put peace in the region and Europe at stake. We will not gamble with our country", Komsic concluded.


Russia has spoken out about Dodik

Speaking about the crisis in BiH, the head of Russian diplomacy stated that the former High Representative in BiH, Valentin Inzko, is also responsible for that.

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