Dodik clearly: "It can't be done anymore"

Serbian member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, warned that the Republika Srpska will not go to the polls if foreigners interfere in the election process.

Source: Tanjug

As he said, there are mechanisms to prevent such elections.

"We do not know how the opposition in Srpska will act, but we know that if a foreign factor interferes in the work of the CEC, we will not participate in the election process," Dodik said in an interview with RTRS.

He pointed out that Srpska is looking for a completely neutral situation and explained the mechanisms that the entity can use.

"It is enough that we do not make our public institutions available and our local communities may not form municipal election commissions. So, we are asking for the issue of electing a member of the Presidency to be resolved and we are looking for new solutions", Dodik said.

Regarding the negotiations on the Election Law, he pointed out that RS has completed its definition of a possible solution, and "what is important is that the national prefix must remain."

He stressed that Croats are proposing a good solution.

"In Republika Srpska, that solution would be for Srpska to elect a Serb and another candidate for a member of the Presidency, so that others can run. That would be written for Bosniaks and others, as well as for Croats," Dodik explained.

He pointed out that Srpska remains with its proposal, but that Croats and Bosniaks cannot agree.

"Federation of BiH bears the responsibility for the failure of the negotiations", Dodik concluded.


Russia has spoken out about Dodik

Speaking about the crisis in BiH, the head of Russian diplomacy stated that the former High Representative in BiH, Valentin Inzko, is also responsible for that.

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