The first snow in Serbia caused a collapse: A convoy of vehicles heading to Zlatibor

The snow that fell on the territory of Zlatibor during the previous hours caused huge traffic jam.

Source: RINA
Foto: Rina
Foto: Rina

There was a traffic jam in front of one of the tunnels leading to this mountain.

"We have been waiting for almost half an hour to continue the journey, the lane is huge. They told us that the police would come to regulate the traffic on this section," said one of the drivers who found himself on the main road to Zlatibor.

Due to the precipitation, there is a few centimeters of snow on the road as well, so drivers are advised to drive extra carefully and not to go on the road without the necessary winter equipment.

At the end of November, mountain peaks were noticed in Western Serbia, except for Zlatibor, there is snow on Zlatar and Murtenica.


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