Discord in the EU: Some would like to punish Dodik, some would not. Serbia mentioned.

During the session on Tuesday, members of the European Parliament discussed the current political situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Source: Tanjug

During the discussion, some called for the introduction of sanctions against the Serbian member of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Milorad Dodik, and others for dialogue.

Some mentioned Serbia and Russia. Croatian MPs unanimously supported the election reforms, "Klix.ba" reports.

Slovenian Foreign Minister Anže Logar, whose country holds the EU Council presidency, called on BiH leaders to refrain from harsh rhetoric and focus on reforms to help BiH move forward on the European path. He said BiH must implement electoral and other reforms, as well as through Constitutional Court rulings, including judgments of the European Court of Human Rights.

The representative of France in the European Parliament, Thierry Mariani, believes that it is necessary to talk to Serbia and thus prevent the situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina from deteriorating. On behalf of the European Commission, Valdis Dombrovskis addressed the Commission, saying that the Commission was closely monitoring the situation in BiH and said that EUFOR would continue to support a secure environment in BiH and progress in reforms. He called on BiH leaders to work on de-escalation and seek dialogue and not to escalate tensions.

The representative of the European People's Party (EPP) in the European Parliament, Andrey Kovatchev, assessed that it is necessary to implement electoral reform in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

"In order to ensure peace and stability, the three communities must be represented in a fair way and that is why it is really necessary to reform the Election Law so that Croats are equal in relation to the other two nations. However, all three nations must work to find electoral solutions", he said.

He assessed that Dodik's moves are not good and that, as he claims, they can lead to conflict and ethnic violence. German Michael Galler from the ranks of the EPP said that Dodik is the biggest culprit for the current situation and that he endangers the stability of the entire region, and called for the introduction of sanctions against Dodik and his allies. Galler claims that Dodik has the support of Belgrade and Moscow.

The representative of the Socialists in the European Parliament, the Portuguese Pedro Marquez, warned that Bosnia-Herzegovina is "on the verge of collapse again".

"Dodik threatens to withdraw RS from BiH institutions. That could have dramatic consequences. It is not enough for European leaders like (Slovenian Prime Minister Janez) Jansa and (Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor) Orban to abandon or support Dodik, they are actually playing with fire. The EU cannot keep quiet and must use pressure and sanctions to preserve BiH's territorial integrity and peace," Marquez said.

Slovenian liberal Klemen Groselj believes that it is necessary to send a clear message to Dodik, as he said, because the situation in BiH affects the entire region. "That calls into question peace and calls into question the EU's interest in BiH. We must not allow the madness of nationalism to prevail again. The possibility of sanctions should be considered," Groselj said. He also claims that, as he put it, people like Dodik should be removed from power.

Green representative Tineke Strik, who recently visited BiH, said Dodik was "playing a dangerous game" and questioning BiH's territorial integrity and sovereignty.

"I demand that EU ministers impose sanctions against Dodik. I demand that the international community not make compromises regarding reforms," ​​Strik said.

Bulgarian MEP Angel Dzhambazki said the EU must fight "attacks on Bosnia-Herzegovina", which he claims were planned in Belgrade and Moscow. "What Dodik says is not what he initiated but what comes from other countries. You have to stop being politically correct," he said. He also claimed that Russia and Serbia are not friends of the European Union.

Independent MP from Italy Fabio Massimo Castaldo said that a "hidden world war" is being waged in Bosnia-Herzegovina because, as he claims, all the forces of the world are directly or indirectly involved. He assessed that "the problem is not only Dodik", but also many external actors, including some from the EU, who are increasingly moving away from the values ​​on which the EU is based, and he called for the introduction of sanctions against Dodik.

Green MP Romeo Franz said that the situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina is dramatic and assessed that this is not an ethnic conflict but a threat to security.

He claims that Dodik, with the support of the presidents of Serbia and Russia, Aleksandar Vučić and Vladimir Putin, is destabilizing the region and weakening the EU.

"The bloodshed in BiH that will spill over into neighboring countries is now possible. We must not allow that, the EU and the international community must act decisively, they must impose sanctions on Dodik and strengthen the EUFOR mission. We must not negotiate with ethno-nationalists. We must not jeopardize the Dayton Accords and the integrity of Bosnia-Herzegovina," Franz said.


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