"Serbia's disgraceful attitude, we sent a protest note"

Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grlic Radman criticized Serbia's attitude for allegedly denying the existence of the Croatian language.

Source: index.hr

This is indeed disgraceful behaviour by Serbian authorities, the Croatian portal Index.hr quoted him as saying Tuesday.

The portal states that the grammar textbook of the group of authors "From words to deeds" for eighth-grade students states that Serbian, Slovenian, Macedonian and Bulgarian belong to a group of South Slavic languages, and that "Croats, Bosniaks and some Montenegrins refer to the Serbian language as Croatian, Bosnian, Bosniak and Montenegrin".

"I have to tell you that this is really disgraceful attitude by the Serbian authorities," the Croatian foreign minister said.

It's an incomprehensible behavior of an EU candidate country, in violation of the 2004 international agreement on the rights and protection of national minorities. whose provisions Croatia has fully complied with.

"It is outrageous and we just cannot understand it," the minister said.

It is, he reiterated, "about the chronic absence of respect for the fact, according to the international factography of Croatia as a member of the European Union, a country that really supports the stability of its neighbors and wants a European perspective for all Western Balkan countries," he added.

"The fact that there has been fragmentation in Croatian and Bunjevac language proves that Serbian politics has interfered with the issue of the identity of Croats in Vojvodina," Grlic Radman noted.

According to him, this has been going on for a long time, and Croatia has already responded through the Ministry of Science and Education and diplomatic representative office and has sent a protest note.


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