US tells Dodik: "You have no right to secede"

Neither the Dayton Agreement nor the Bosnia-Herzegovina's Constitution give the right to secede to any entity.

Source: Tanjug

That is the message from the US Embassy regarding the statement of the Serbian member of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina that official Banja Luka will ask for the rejection of all decisions imposed by the High Representative.

"The territorial integrity and sovereignty of Bosnia-Herzegovina as one state with two entities and the Brcko District are guaranteed by the Dayton Peace Agreement. "Neither Dayton, nor the Constitution of BiH give the right to secession to any entity," the US Embassy in Sarajevo announced, state news agency FENA reported.

This is the response of the US Embassy in Sarajevo to the agency's question to comment on Dodik's statement that Republika Srpska will ask for the rejection of all decisions imposed by the High Representative, return to "original Dayton Agreement", and if not, in the next six months declare independence.

"Responsible leadership requires participation in government and the adoption of key economic and transparency reforms to improve the lives of citizens, not retrograde calls that only offer the loss of any chance in the future," the US embassy said in a statement.


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