They free beds in the hospital in Cetinje, in case of a riot

Two days ahead of the enthronement of Metropolitan Joanikije in the Cetinje Monastery, the director of the local hospital there ordered the release of beds.

Source: Tanjug
Ilustracija, Foto: EPA-EFE/ STR
Ilustracija, Foto: EPA-EFE/ STR

Namely, as Podgorica based daily "Pobjeda" writes, the director of the Cetinje hospital, Vladimir Pavićević, ordered that by Sunday, September 5, patients should be released for home treatment, in order to free as many beds as possible in case there are riots.

"Pobjeda" published that information under the headline: "Decisions that cause fear" and, with the claim that Pavićević made such a decision after a meeting with a representative of the Police Administration on Wednesday.

The Police Administration told the paper that such a move was not requested from Pavićević, but that a meeting was organized at which he was only informed that an unreported high-risk rally would be organized in Cetinje on Sunday and that the hospital would organize work in accordance with such information.

Pavicevic, among other things, told Pobjeda that he would have strengthened working shifts and on-call duty on Sunday.

"I made this decision for reasons of patient and hospital staff safety, and for the hospital's facilities to be ready for the eventual admission of patients if something happens. We will also have increased staff readiness throughout the day," Pavicevic said.


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