"You're not welcome. You're going to break your teeth"

Christian Schmidt has no legitimacy as his appointment is not in accordance with the procedure, so he cannot even present himself as High Representative.

Source: RTRS

That was said by the Serbian member of the Presidency of BiH and the leader of the SNSD, Milorad Dodik.

After Schmidt, who took office on Sunday by the decision of the Peace Implementation Council (PIC), and not the United Nations Security Council, was appointed the successor of Valentin Inzko, the position of officials of Republika Srpska, but also Russia and China is that the OHR should close its offices, RTRS reports.

Dodik called for the preservation of political unity and said that the response of Republika Srpska would be even stronger.

"You are not accepted, you are not welcome and we will not talk to you," is how the Serbian member of the Presidency of BiH, Milorad Dodik, responded to the arrival of Christian Schmidt in BiH.

As he explained, Schmidt did not get the consent of the United Nations Security Council, which is an obligation to take over the mandate of the High Representative from Valentin Inzko, who resigned earlier.

The Dayton Peace Agreement was also violated because the Republika Srpska, as a signatory, did not give its consent to the appointment of a German politician.

"We have no reason to believe in good intentions or anyone who comes from that side. I hear Schmidt say that he has experience, but we also have experience that does not allow us to allow an illegitimate, unelected foreigner to pass binding decisions because then it is the end of both the Republika Srpska and our national identity in this area", Dodik pointed out.

Christian Schmidt was appointed by the Peace Implementation Council in BiH. The PIC is a body that is not foreseen by the Dayton Agreement, and Dodik sees the decisions of the Council as the arrogance of the great powers whose ambassadors want to manage politics in BiH.

"Who are they to tell us what the National Assembly should or shouldn't do? You think there is a mace behind you, so we will listen to you out of fear and say sorry. No. You should apologize to us. You mistreated us here 20 or so. "You have tried to crush us to the end in an effort not to exist as an identity or an entity," Dodik said.

Dodik states that everything could result in the withdrawal of the Republika Srpska from the previously signed agreements on the Armed Forces, the introduction of indirect taxes, the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, as well as the rejection of all imposed decisions of the High Representatives. Only Bosnia-Herzegovina as predicted by Dayton is acceptable.

"If it cannot be independent within the Dayton structures in the part that has rights and competencies, then Republika Srpska has the right to choose its path. I believe that we will get into such a situation very soon because of their behavior. I reject the possibility of conflict regardless of Bakir Izetbegovic calls for revenge, as he said he would take revenge and now we need to say, ‘Okay Bakir, you are a wonderful man, sorry we annoyed you and so on.’ Or to say, ‘Get away, what kind of revenge are you talking about’", said Dodik

The greatest political unity in the last two decades has been expressed in the Republika Srpska, because the representatives of the parties based in Srpska opposed the imposed decisions of the High Representative.

Unity was manifested in the National Assembly at a special session. It is the unity of the people in Srpska that is important in the coming period in order to preserve the interest of Srpska. "We Serbs will, I believe, maintain our political unity in that area. The alternative is to split. Regardless of the fact that now someone here needs to die out of fear of Schmidt who says that it must not be said. What do you leave us as an alternative? To listen to you? To impose the Laws on us here?" said Dodik.

Representatives of the international community, i.e. representatives of Western countries, did not discipline politicians in FBiH, despite numerous problems, scandals, non-formation of the Government three years after the election, controversial diploma of the director of the Intelligence Security Agency and election of illegitimate representatives of constituent peoples.

"They think they have broken the Croats in BiH in a political sense and now someone has whispered to them that it is the turn of the Serbs. It is a bit tougher nut to crack. I think you will break your teeth. Mr. Schmidt, you are not welcome here, you are not elected High Representative, Republika Srpska there is in no need to respect anything you do, "Dodik said.

According to Dodik, this move is driving investors away, including young people from Bosnia-Herzegovina, because High Representatives have so far only produced a crisis, and have not offered solutions or given guidelines for strengthening the economy.


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