New rules in Croatia take effect on July 1

Tomorrow, July 1, new epidemiological measures will come into force in Croatia, with greater benefits for the people who possess digital EU certificates.

Foto: EPA-EFE/ Christian Bruna
Foto: EPA-EFE/ Christian Bruna

For example, at gatherings in which more people participate, there will be no limit on the number of attendees if everyone has that digital code - a certificate. The organizers of such events will have access to a mobile application through which they will be able to read the QR code from the digital EU certificate.

Among other measures that come into force on July 1, we single out:

- Prohibition of holding all public events and gatherings attended by more than 100 people in one place, unless it is a public event or gathering attended only by persons with EU digital COVID-certificate, and this falls under the jurisdiction of the Civil Protection Headquarters that issues local consent

- public events and gatherings and ceremonies of all kinds may last up to 24:00, unless it is a public event or gathering attended only by holders of EU digital COVID-certificate, and this is under the competence of the Civil Protection Headquarters of local self-government which issues necessary local license

- at funerals, farewells and laying urns ceremonies, condolences for the bereaved must not be expressed in close contact, and cemetery administrations are obliged to monitor compliance with anti-epidemiological measures.

- Limitation of working hours for bakeries until 24:00

- ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages from 24:00 to 6:00

- cafes can only serve those guests who are sitting in the garden, that is, outdoors until 24:00 - for nightclubs, there are no restrictions on working hours and they must be outdoors - up to 30 people are allowed to gather at celebrations and weddings, except in cases when the event is attended by people with digital EU COVID-certificate

- suspension of fairs and other forms of economic and tourist events or events where products are sold, exhibited or displayed indoors. It is mandatory to wear masks outdoors - suspension of all amateur cultural and artistic events, programs and events indoors

- sports competitions without spectators, with possible exceptions in which the number of spectators is limited to 100.


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