"We were right, if you keep quiet about this scandal..."

After the arrest of a Montenegrin citizen on Kosovo, in addition to Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic, the Democratic Front coalition also reacted.

Source: Tanjug
Ilustracija: Depositphoto/ Xload
Ilustracija: Depositphoto/ Xload

Namely, a member of the ruling Montenegrin coalition asked the Montenegrin government to demand of its "partners from Kosovo" the immediate release of Risto Jovanović, who was arrested in Gazimestan yesterday.

"Jovanovic protected a nun who was exposed to harassment by these bandits in Gazimestan today. If the Montenegrin government keeps silent about this scandal, and if Jovanovic is not released immediately, the DF will organize protests in front of the so-called state of Kosovo in Podgorica," DF said last night.

This event, they add in the DF, says that "we were right when we fought back in 2008 that this false state should not be recognized at any cost," CdM reports.

"At that time, the DPS government stabbed Serbia and the Serbian people in the back and encouraged Albanian extremists to continue terrorizing our people in Kosovo and Metohija", they conclude in DF.

Yesterday, Montenegrin Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic asked Pristina authorities to announce whether and why they arrested a Montenegrin citizen, and that, if he is not the perpetrator of the crime, he should be released immediately.

Earlier, the media reported that a young man from Podgorica was detained in Gazimestan because he objected because the so-called special police forces. Kosovo asked a nun to open the bag.


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