The European Parliament adopted a Resolution on Bosnia and Herzegovina

With 483 votes in favor, 73 against and 133 abstentions, EP adopted, in the form of a Resolution, a report on BiH prepared by the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

EPA-EFE Oliver Hoslet
EPA-EFE Oliver Hoslet

The report is divided into seven chapters relating to the reconciliation process, the functioning of democratic institutions, the rule of law, basic human rights, socio-economic reforms, connectivity, energy and the environment, foreign policy and security.

The European Union, as stated, "strongly supports the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Bosnia-Herzegovina."

Brussels condemned the violation of statehood and the Constitution of Bosnia-Herzegovina and called on politicians to adopt a Constitution that will be in line with the European Convention on Human Rights, reports Tanjug.

The resolution also condemns "nationalist and inflammatory rhetoric, denial and glorification of war crimes, including the genocide in Srebrenica."

Earlier, a majority of European parliamentarians, members of the Foreign Policy Committee, supported the adoption of this report.

Eight of them were against it at the time, and among them were MEPs from Croatia.

Also, all amendments to the text of the Draft Resolution of the Croatian MEPs were rejected, which, according to "Klix", represents a great political defeat for Croatian diplomacy, because neither constitutionality nor "legitimate representation" was mentioned.


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