Abazovic: Whoever tries to overthrow the Government will pay a high political price

Dritan Abazović said that if someone wants to overthrow the Government, one must be aware that one would pay a high political price for that decision.

Source: Sputnik
EPA-EFE Boris Pejović
EPA-EFE Boris Pejović

He pointed out that this Government did not have even 100 minutes, not a hundred days, and that Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapić has his support.

Abazovic said that the war between the members of the ruling majority and the Democratic Front has been erupting since this government was formed. "For me, this is not an emergency situation, I think that people are too busy, too electrified, they deal too much with some tabloids, which in essence should not have any significance. Personally, I do not feel any pressure. If someone thinks there are better solutions, let him say what the solutions are", Abazović said.

But, as he pointed out, we contaminate people every day, we seduce them, we try to enter into conflicts with people from the region, I consider that very irrelevant.

He pointed out that he would be at the meeting on Thursday on overcoming the current political crisis, which was scheduled by the leaders of the SNP and Demos, Vladimir Joković and Miodrag Lekić.

Abazovic pointed out that if every situation is to be used to push the country into some kind of instability, that he is against it. He said that he is part of the team of the Government as the Deputy Prime Minister, he behaves very correctly all the time, he tries to help.

He pointed out that people have no chance of winning in criminal conditions, if someone wants to revitalize the octopus, which has yet to suffer a blow, when the prosecutor's council changes to refresh itself, then he has no good intentions towards Montenegro.

"He will have to pay a political price for that. But if someone says that someone, anyone, needs to be permanently attached to a certain position, I don't think so."

"Whoever mentions new elections works in favor of DPS"

The real Montenegro called on the parties of the ruling majority to stop accusing each other and to dedicate themselves more significantly by focusing to resolve the current situation.

The Member of the Parliament and the leader of the Right of Montenegro, Marko Milačić, said that this was "the only thing that the attacked Montenegrin people expect at this moment".

He adds that it is a "schizophrenic situation" in which the society has been brought after half a year since taking power, and that the constant destruction speaks in favor of "not all of us understands the nature of Montenegro's transition equally well and with the necessary responsibility."


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