Podgorica is awake tonight: Police cordon in front of the Temple, one person detained

A group of citizens gathered in front of the Church of Christ's Resurrection for the screening of Boris Malagurski's film "Montenegro - a Divided Country".

Source: RTS
Shutterstock/Predrag Jankovic
Shutterstock/Predrag Jankovic

One of those gathered was detained, and the police cordon is near the Temple.

The police prevented physical contact between the protesting citizens and those who support the organization of the film screening on the Boulevard in front of the Temple at around 9.30 pm, Vijesti reports, and RTS reports.

Shortly afterwards, there was an incident in front of the buildings in Block Five - the police arrested one of those gathered, because they did not want to leave despite the warning. The news states that the police used spray.

Representatives of the feminist group "Bogougodnice" gathered on George Washington Boulevard and pointed out that they were raising their voices against the politicization of the church, hatred and the screening of Malagurski's film.

Believers gathered in front of the Temple, where the film is being screened. Opponents of the screening are now gathered across the Temple, that is, on the path next to Block Five.

Large number of police officers were present making a cordon, a fence was set up around the Temple, while the gathered citizens chanted "We will not give up the sanctuaries."


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