Krivokapić announced: I am obliged to tell the whole truth

Montenegrin Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapić accused Democratic Front (DF) of agreeing with the DPS to overthrow the Government and the Montenegrin Parliament.

Source: B92

All that, as he wrote on Twitter, they are doing with the goal of calling new parliamentary elections.

"I am obliged to tell the citizens of Montenegro the whole truth about what happened and is happening behind the scenes of the Democratic Front's attack on the Government of Montenegro: DF together with DPS and its former coalition partners most directly agrees to overthrow the Government and Parliament of Montenegro with the aim of calling new parliamentary elections", Krivokapic wrote.

He said that the citizens must "be openly acquainted with the game that is being placed in the media and which will only be updated by the media in the coming days."

"But rest assured that everyone in the government and the parliamentary majority that the DF accuses of treason today is ready to defend your and our victory in the August elections at the cost of their lives. The Democratic Front has now publicly become part of the parliamentary majority with the Democratic Party of Socialists", Krivokapić stated. It should be reminded that the Parliament of Montenegro adopted the Resolution on Srebrenica last night, dismissed Minister Leposavić, which caused a new crisis in the ruling coalition.

There is a great betrayal at work in Montenegro, and at this moment there is a crisis of the government and a crisis of the parliament in the country, said today one of the leaders of the DF, Andrija Mandić.

No resolution was required

I think that the Resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica was really unnecessary, because it deepens further divisions and conflicts in society, and besides, such a resolution was not adopted in Bosnia and Herzegovina, said the Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapić.

Krivokapic said that when it comes to the events in Jasenovac, Srebrenica, Velica, Bratunac and anywhere else where innocent people were killed, he repeatedly said that we could not politicize the victims and use them to collect cheap political points.

"I show equal respect for all victims. Individuals are behind the crime, never nations, and no nation can be genocidal, because of the actions of individuals from that nation," he stated, as reported by "Vijesti".

He added that we forgive and do not forget the tears of our loved ones, but we must turn to the future, and that we cannot change the past, but we can influence the present and a better future for our children.

He pointed out that Montenegro had already adopted the European Parliament's declaration on the events in Srebrenica.

"Maybe people are used to making cuts, or to carrying out the orders of the 'boss' at all levels of the state, contrary to the democratic principles of division of powers, because that has been a long practice in this area, but that is not the case with me and this government", Krivokapic said.

According to him, parliamentary parties are independent and make their own decisions and bear the results, whatever they may be.


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