"We trusted EU – now we have to move on. Turkey is fine"

Serbian member and chairman of the Presidency of BiH, Milorad Dodik said that it is difficult to restore trust in the system of global procurement of vaccines.

Source: B92

He stated that both the Federal government and the Republic of Srpska are turning to Russian, Chinese and Turkish suppliers.

Dodik emphasized that the Republic of Srpska has recently started obtaining vaccines from Russia, and will do the same with suppliers from China, pointing out that all countries that have vaccines, including Turkey, are welcome as partners.

"I think this is something we have to do. We managed to lose four or five important months to stabilize and focus on that," Dodik told Turkish state television during a recent visit of members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Turkey.

He said that Bosnia and Herzegovina believed that the global concept of procurement of vaccines "COVAX", could provide sufficient quantities needed in Bosnia, reminding that in September last year, contracts were signed and deposits were paid for vaccines, which have not been received until today.

He reminded that Republic of Srpska, paid more than six million euros for the purchase of a vaccine through “COVAX” hoping to get enough to vaccinate the population, and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina did the same.

"More than 1,100,000 doses from the “COVAX” project, i.e., Pfizer's vaccines, were ordered, but we did not receive any," stated Dodik. It is obvious, he said, that the big countries took care only of themselves, and that Europe can’t cope with vaccination or a pandemic.

Dodik said that Serbia did not believe in the global concept of procuring vaccines against the Corona virus and immediately started negotiating with manufacturers, positioned itself in the front row, fulfilled its obligations and now receives vaccines that can be used by citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"From the standpoint of solidarity towards Bosnia, we should thank the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic," said Mr. Dodik, SRNA agency reported.
He emphasized that Serbia helped Bosnia and enabled health workers from the Republic of Srpska to be vaccinated in the first days, when the immunization started in Serbia.


"I thank you, Belgrade, from the bottom of my heart"

“I thank you my Belgrade, from the bottom of my heart, because you gave my mother and my sister a chance to get vaccinated, and therefore a chance for a better

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