Montenegro is not withdrawing its decision to expel the Serbian Ambassador

Montenegrin Foreign Affairs Ministry announced that it'll not withdraw the decision on the expulsion of the Ambassador of Serbia to Montenegro Vladimir Božoviĉ.

Source: Tanjug
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/ natanaelginting
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/ natanaelginting

The outgoing Montenegrin government welcomed Serbia's decision not to expel Montenegrin Ambassador to Belgrade Tarzan Milosevic in accordance with reciprocity measures, and said that they would not give up on the decision to expel Serbian Ambassador to Podgorica Vladimir Bozovic.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that there was no reason to expel the Montenegrin Ambassador Milosevic.

"Ambassador Tarzan Milosevic represents his country respecting the Republic of Serbia, not interfering in its internal affairs, with restraint towards the host country even when Montenegro was rudely insulted and humiliated from various addresses in Serbia, Montenegrin state symbols were desecrated, causing condemns of various international institutions", it was announced from the department of Srdjan Darmanoviĉ.

The Montenegrin government, which will step down on December 2, when new prime minister-designate Zdravko Krivokapic is elected in parliament, said in a statement that, unlike Tarzan Milosevic, the Serbian ambassador "continuously interfered in the internal affairs of the country where he serves, with his interpretations of history." Thus, they claim, he questioned the independence of Montenegro, denying the Resolution adopted in the Parliament on the illegitimacy of the Podgorica Assembly, which, as they say, is known for what it represented in Montenegrin history.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly drawn his attention to this, with a warning that this is illegal and undiplomatic behavior towards the host country. Unfortunately, in vain and without understanding", it is stated from the outgoing Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Therefore, they add, this government and the ministry headed by Darmanoviĉ will not withdraw their decision.

They state that they will not revoke the decision because, as they say, the statement of Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabiĉ that Ambassador Božoviĉ actually conveyed the official positions of the Government of Serbia is incomprehensible, which is, they claim, a confirmation and continuation of gross interference in Montenegro's internal affairs. The Foreign Minister reprimands Commissioner Oliver Várhelyi, who previously welcomed Serbia's decision not to expel Milosevic, for failing to "at least exchange basic information and opinions on the merits" with partners and friends in Montenegro.

They also claim that Montenegro is "fully and truly" committed to regional co-operation and good neighborly relations.

"This is not only a foundation of European integration, as Commissioner Várhelyi pointed out, but a key element of our foreign policy, which we have been promoting in all bilateral and multilateral frameworks for years, which is very well known to our European partners". Therefore, we are firmly convinced of the correctness of our decision, considering that we cannot tolerate the humiliation of the Montenegrin state and national dignity by the diplomatic representatives in our country", reads the statement of the MFA.


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